Picture this. You’re in your 3rd job and your career has progressed a lot. In a software developer’s life, that would mean you’ve learned lots of different technologies and gained lots of experiences working with various platforms. This might also mean you’ve gained non-technical experiences like leading teams or client interaction.

Then one day you wake up and decide that it’s time to move on. It’s time to go and look for a new job. You submitted your resume to several companies and scoured LinkedIn for interesting job postings. …

So, quick introduction first. OutSystems. Low-code. Done!

Very quick indeed right? Well, introducing OutSystems is not the goal of this article but rather, I want to touch on one aspect in using it that I think can still be improved — naming conventions.

Well, OutSystems already has their recommended naming conventions listed here. One thing I believe is lacking in this are the conventions related to variable names. In fact, based on my experience in the past few years developing in OutSystems, I found that having naming conventions for variable names will be beneficial. …

Project Kenneth

A software developer trying to share his experiences to the world. Hoping to hear back and learn more from anyone willing to listen.

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